• 6Timesheet Administration

    When your employees perform a wide variety of tasks, at different pay rates, across multiple jobs, accounting for time can be very labour-intensive and less than accurate. When errors are identified, the time-consuming process of re-allocating labour costs to the correct jobs can add unnecessary extra administration costs & should not be a labour expense in itself. Inaccurate accounting can lead to costly inefficiencies & identifying the actual labour cost incurred for each job can be impossible to calculate without EasyEng.

    The timesheet administration module provides a graphical interface to view the time sheets for each employee, that indicates the start & end times for each activity that was performed. The graphical interface allows you to easily manage your employees & associated timesheets. The timesheet administration module supports a number of business functions, including payroll and wages, profitability reporting, project management and organisational administration.

    Key Features:

    • Clock in/Clock out — Track employee attendance.
    • Operations Reporting – Track progress of actual time against budgeted time.
    • Idle time- ability to track idle & non-productive time.
    • Wage reports- generate wage reports including overtime calculations.
    • Time management- ability to change, update & insert timesheets for employees.
    • A graphical resource availability calendar allows you to easily define when resources are available to be scheduled.
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