• 5Shop Floor Data Collection

    This module is used to track the artisans time & machine time for each job. EasyEng includes a Time and Attendance module that tracks employee attendance, labour time allocated to jobs, breaks & idle time. As opposed to using biometric readers in an often dirty & greasy shop floor environment, indestructible iButtons are assigned to each employee and access points are located in different areas of the shop floor. Employees use their iButtons to clock in, and clock time against the job & specifically the function and machine that they are working on. iButton readers are located in strategic areas throughout the shop floor using 1-wire technology.

    Security permissions can be assigned to artisans preventing them from working on specific functions (drilling, polishing, cutting etc) and machines ensuring that only correctly qualified staff are using specialised machinery.

    EasyEng records the actual machine time & artisan’s time against each function for the specific job. Employee’s hourly cost and the employees charge out rate are used to calculate the actual labour cost incurred for the particular job (& revenue for non-quoted work) as well company wage reports. In addition, the actual machine time and cost for the job is calculated based on the actual machines being utilised.

    This information is used to calculate the actual labour and machine cost, Labour cost vs time variances & machine cost vs time variance reports highlighting problem area’s and over/under utilisation of different categories of labour and machines.

    (iButtons: iButtons are computer chips enclosed in 16mm stainless steel cases that come in many varieties including secure memory and temperature data loggers)
    (1-wire technology: 1-Wire is a device communications bus system that provides low-speed data, signaling, and power over a single signal. It uses a single bus master and multiple slaves that transmit digital communications and operating power for the slaves over a single twisted pair cable.)

    Key Features:

    • Design facilitates the integration of shop floor data collection terminals for real-time operation tracking.
    • Indestructible iButtons are used to identify employees.
    • Actual labour & machine time recorded for each job & job function.
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