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    EasyEng is designed to allow you to do effective & accurate job costing. The costing & quoting module allows you to create professional and comprehensive estimates and quotations easily. You can create job quotes from an existing or past quote or job. The cost estimating includes: materials labour, stock parts, consumables, and outside services when performing estimated cost calculations. A professional electronic quotation can be generated with a click of a button & emailed directly to customers. When you receive an approval for a quote, you can use the existing quote to create a job card. You can separate mark-up costs for material, services, labour, purchases & consumables.

    • Quick costing allows you to copy an existing quote & to use standard bill of materials, rates for different labour functions & standard machine time (drilling, stripping, etc).
    • Detailed costings allow you to identify the different operations & functions required, assign employees & machines to be used, bill of materials, consumables & stock parts.
    • Non-quoted jobs like “machine breakdowns” can be billed on an actual cost + mark-up based on the actual work performed (labour & materials used).

    Key Features:

    • Provide quick, professional quotes and estimates for jobs.
    • Convert approved quotes into job cards at a click of a button.
    • Identify breakdown jobs & high priority projects.
    • Create and quote on new jobs, construct bills of material and routings.
    • Calculate actual profitability of Jobs.
    • View exact timesheets & costs assigned to jobs.
    • Budget vs Actual cost tracking- Production cost variance tracking based on material substitutions, labour skill level utilised or operational efficiency variations.
    • Standard & Individual Rates-standard rates can be defined for different groups of skilled artisans & functions (degreasing, cleaning, drilling, welding etc) for quick costing & individual artisan rates can be used for detailed costings.
    • Cost Centres – Costs summarised into five primary buckets (Labour, Materials, Stock, Consumables, Other).
    • Cost Centres – Standard mark-up % can be defined for each cost centre. Budget vs actual costs are summarised in cost buckets and actual costs are updated on a real time as labour and materials are used.
    • Automatic Cost Calculation – Automatic calculation of costs for jobs based on BOM, machine utilisation, and labour rates.
    • Generate work schedules & barcoded Job cards- including BOM, functions & drawings.
    • Add before & after images for repair jobs.
    • Calculate work in progress & cost to complete production for uncompleted jobs.

    EasyEng, for the best costing and quote software system in engineering.

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