• 4Job Management

    EasyEng’s workflow management allows users to track the status & progress of jobs. Workflow management defines the routing for each job as well as approvals required to progress to certain milestones. This allows you to plan strategically and manage your shop floor by:

    • Differentiating jobs by type, priority, customer & date.
    • Monitoring order performance by customer, status, sales representative & date.
    • Creating as many status as you need for effective job tracking & milestone management.

    This module provides visibility into the status of the job’s completion & allows users to identify completed & uncompleted functions/operations as well as budgeted vs actual costs to date. In addition it allows you to manage cost control, accountability, cash flow & work in progress.

    Key Features:

    • Centralised Job Tracking – Track job specific routings, BOM, and job progress in a central place.
    • Integrated Cost Control Track all job specific material costs, labour cost, subcontract and consumables.
    • Progress Monitoring – Track progress of job through operations in manufacturing in real time.
    • Profitability Reporting – Track profitability and variances by job.
    • Integrated Documentation – Manage part drawings, job cards, images, attachments etc.
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    Job Management
    Shop Floor Data Collection
    Timesheet Administration
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