Angelo Kater implements EasyEng

Angelo Kater is the industry leader in the field of aftermarket van conversions. With a national foot print in South Africa they have grown from strength to strength since starting out in 1963. Their market dominance lead to the need for a system to uphold the high standard of on time and quality delivery to their customer base. After investigating various process management software applications, iSync Solutions was contacted and EasyEng was chosen as the preferred system to help run their business. With a highly complex and multi-facetted operational environment EasyEng was commissioned to ensure all work was tracked throughout the Angelo Kater production line. Immediate areas of improvement at Angelo Kater can be summarised as follows:

  • The generation of professional quotes to their customers.
  • The ability to track all quotations which resulted in a higher rate of sales conversions due to Agents following up on outstanding quotes.
  • The ability to record rejected quotes, with reasons, so you can report on success and failure rates.
  • The ability to track a job from the stages of quoting through to delivery to a customer and therefore providing more transparency to the admin staff and customers as to the goings on in the production environment.
  • A formal process to generate purchase orders from EasyEng for stock and outwork was implemented which ensures all PO’s are approved, tracked and the relevant costs assigned to the correct jobs.
  • By generating detailed job cards to the workshop floor, artisans are now able to reference stock requirements, due dates and special instructions.
  • By barcoding the EasyEng Job Cards, artisans were automatically allocated to the correct job when scanning a job card to start working on a project.
  • Artisans were issued with iButtons which ensured they were accountable for all work done (both productive and non-productive).
  • Touch screen devices were deployed throughout the production line to give the Artisans easy access to input and update the status of a job.
  • Accurate after costings can be run on the completion of each job to compare budgeted costs with actuals based on Artisans that worked on the job, stock actually allocated to the job and machinery used in the process.

At iSync Solutions we are proud to be associated with Angelo Kater and know EasyEng will help them continue to uphold their outstanding workmanship and reputation in the market.